Hello my dear fellow muscle car lovers! It is always my enormous pleasure, when I have the chance of introducing you with a certain customized example of my favorite Detroit muscle, the one and only Dodge Challenger Hellgato! The best and most powerful American muscle, that has rolled out of the assembly line in this century.

There are a few things which make this jaw-dropping Hellcat, wrapped in a military style (or tiger lines, to be more precise), called Hellgato, unique and original.

I`ll start by telling you that it took 120 working hours just to wrap its body. Then, there are three types of chrome material used to make its body look like this, which is pretty challenging. The design of its exterior was inspired by a cartoon character of a cat, which the owner used to watch on TV when he was a kid, and the stripes are taken from the Viper`s snake symbol. Overall, it took exactly 6 months to turn the stock Challenger Hellcat into this customized example, named Challenger Hellgato!

So, check out the video below and take a look at this beauty with your own eyes and hear more details about it from its owner. And if you want to find out some information about the 2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat, click here.