Ever since the new Dodge Challenger Hellcat has come out, we have had numerous and various opportunities to watch it in action, showcasing its extremely appealing nature, that cannot leave any muscle car aficionado indifferent. But today we have prepared a video that will be a real treat for all big time Dodge Challenger Hellcat aficionados. A clip from the moments when the most powerful American muscle car ever, has set a new, unofficial 1/4 Mile World record of 10.71 seconds at 128.87 mph! The people behind this great achievement are the Injected Engineering, who had tuned the fastest Dodge Challenger Hellcat, and prepared it for the long awaited day on the track. And behind the wheel of that red monster was Blane Aldridge.

As you will see it for yourself in just a few moments, it took three warm up passes (all below 11 seconds), to get to the point when everything was set and ready, for the historic moment to happen!

As real Dodge Challenger Hellcat fans, we are also using this opportunity to congratulate to the entire team, for their impeccable work, and we hope that we will see more great races in the following period. Way to go guys! Is this truly the fastest Dodge Challenger Hellcat?

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