We have one awesome Dodge Challenger Hellcat in yellow, riding as fast as hell on the empty streets, drifting and setting the tarmac track on fire, and just when you think it is done, the real fun begins. The hellcat is taken to a whole new level, an unique Airlift Drift performance…

I honestly believe that no matter how much we get from it, no matter how many videos we have seen with it, how many times we had watched it in real action, there is simply never enough of the fabulous Dodge Challenger Hellcat. And the following minute and a half video that we have prepared for you today, is definitely one of the best commercials that I have seen with the one and only Hellcat, and I think that many of you will share my opinion.

It is a commercial for the new Pennzoil motor oil, which is taking their own product, as well as the 707 HP Challenger Hellcat`s performance, to a whole new level. And the video that they had made to demonstrate this, is nothing less, but a real adrenaline rush that will make you feel the blood in your veins pumping, also on a whole new level.

But, I do not want to be a spoiler for those who have not seen it, so just check it out and enjoy this awesome Airlift Drift commercial, and another great Hellcat experience! And if you want to find out more about the Pennzoil motor oil, click here.