Here we go with a drag race video with one truly impressive specimen, especially because not just that we do not have numerous chances to see it on the strip, but also because we know well that speed and performance is not one of its greatest features. As you could have read in the title, I`m talking about a modded Hyundai Tiburon, a two-door hatchback model, which was actually the company`s first attempt to redefining its image, as a car that is not only value-oriented, but it can be a real “shark” (as its names suggests in Spanish) on the strip.

This Hyundai example that you are going to see in the following video clip that we have prepared for you today, definitely proves its nickname, as you will see it smoking two other competitors on the strip. One of them is the well known Japanese fighter, the Toyota Supra, that will have to settle with being totally outperformed and outdone.

Too bad that we do not have any information about this modded Hyundai Tiburon, but it is obvious that it is highly modified and tuned, as you will see it making a 10-second pass so easily, and beating its opponents with a great confidence.

So check out the video and enjoy it! And if you want to find out something more about the Hyundai Tiburon, go to this link.