If you are a fan of the Fast & Furious franchise movies, you know for sure about the famous 10-second car, the orange Toyota Supra Furious 7 featured in the first movie. As you know the return of the Supra, but this time in white color comes in the ending scene of the Furious 7 where Vin Diesel & Paul Walker are paired up for  the “one last ride”.

Our fans from the Supra Forums recently confirmed that the white ride used in the Furious 7 final scene was actually one of the two Paul Walker’s Supras (from 1995 and 1998). The Toyota Supra Fuirous 7 used in the movie may have been his amazing 1998 Toyota Supra.

Also, many other sources have also confirmed the white Supra was Walker`s 1998 Turbo in the end scene of the movie.

You can see again this ride exactly in the 5:30 sec of the video below made by Matt Farah with the Amazing Car Collection owned by Paul Walker and Roger Rodas at AE Performance.

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