Paul Walker CAR COLLECTION! ULTIMATE Tour With Matt Farah! Throw Back to Remember OUR HERO!

This is Paul Walker car collection! Enjoy the ultimate tour at the at AE Performance with one an only Matt Farah!

Paul Walker CAR COLLECTION ULTIMATE Tour With Matt Farah 1

There is no need of telling you how important Paul Walker is for every Gearhead! Many of us see the guy as someone who made Gearheads proud and spread this weird world of ours even more through the world! As we all know Paul Walker was a genuine guy. The shock of his sudden death still has not worn off but, we must move on. That`s why we`ll get to the point, we know he`d like that!

It was reported that Paul`s car collection is already up for sale, but not under his name, because that’s how he wanted, smart move!

Paul Walker CAR COLLECTION! ULTIMATE Tour With Matt Farah! Throw Back to Remember OUR HERO!

The guy really knew cars! Seeing Paul Walker car collection is a dream come true!  You will see about 30 cars of Paul’s automotive estate (Mustangs, Porsches, BMW’s, Audis…) that went to auctions last year trough some “high end brokers”!

Buying any of Paul’s cars would be a dream of any car collector! Just imagine owning a piece of ride that used to be in the hands of a great car lover and a star of the Fast and Furious series! Every time you change gears would be like saying: Thanks for everything, Paul!

Unfortunately, he is not with us anymore, but he lives in us and with us! Some part of him will live forever in those unique vehicles!

The price of the cars is really not known, at least not at the moment, but we assume that you would have to spare a lot of money from your pocket if you want to own a piece of Paul Walkers life! Check out Paul Walker car collection! Plus, if you want more info about all the vehicles in Fast & Furious franchise go to this great article!

If you do purchase one of these cars, be sure to drive safely. Speeding and reckless driving in a city like Los Angeles could result in serious personal injury. While a lawyer can assist with your personal injury case you should try and avoid driving dangerously.