Touching PAUL WALKER Tribute! Forever In Our Hearts!

It`s been nearly two years after the tragic demise of one of the greatest role models in the history of the history of the Seventh Art. Although we are slowly approaching the anniversary of Paul Walker`s loss of life, he still succeeds to keep his rightful place in our lives. This is what made one fan to create a Paul Walker tribute video and hence express his, and with that our feelings toward Paul Walker. We are positive that this compilation will at least send shivers down the spine. The emotional song, dedicated to Paul Walker, “See You Again” runs in the background which makes the video even more special.

This Paul Walker Tribute starts with a statement from Paul Walker while visiting one of the Third World countries. In these few seconds we can actually conclude what Paul Walker`s soul is consisted of. Yes, we used present tense, because as we said earlier, he is still with us. This statement is followed by a news extract that inform about his death. After that, you can see plenty of scenes where he was acting in, most of them from the Fast And Furious franchise. Naturally, because speed was his way of life.

At last, visit this link to donate to Paul Walker`s Charity!