1967 The Fast and Furious Mustang From Tokyo Drift! JUST WOW!

If you have watched the movie, then you know the car. Yes, you are right it is the Tokyo Drift`s Ford Mustang that appears at the end and settles everything. The whole structure and style of this Fast and Furious Mustang was inspired by the Ford Falcon compact. The Ford Mustang was officially introduced to the public in 1964 at the New York World`s Fair. It is then when the Mustang became a megastar. Ford Mustang had, in fact, minor details obtained from the two-seat Ford Thunderbird and the Lincoln Continental, while a detail is taken from Ferrari`s grille.

However, the Mustang is a result of hard work and extreme knowledge in engineering. Therefore, Ford Mustang won a lot of prizes including the Motor Trend Car of the year, the Tiffany Design Award for “excellence in design” and others. The Ford Mustang  initially had a 2.8 liter 6- cylinder engine mated with a 3 speed transmission. The engine had power to produce 105hp and a torque of 156 lb-ft. However, as time passed the engine of Ford Mustang changed.

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