13 Mustang Mayhem Dyno Competition! 6 Beasts in Battle for Supremacy!

AmericanMuscle.com organizes every year a 13 Mustang Mayhem dyno competition. Any kind of car can take part in the competition starting from 3 valve S173s to Shelby Super Snake. In order to make the competition more amusing AmericanMuscle.com introduced some changers. That includes the drivers having to draw cards to see who is going to go first and who is going to be the last with a possibility for one driver to draw the wild card and choose his own position. Then, the last-run policy was introduced meaning that if in the first drive you made 500 hp and want to try again, and in the next attempt you make 475 hp, the latter is the one that counts.

However, this competition was not perfect having in mind that the Cobra withdrew due to problems. Nevertheless, here is the final chart: sixth place for the 2001 SVT Cobra, fifth place for the 2004 SVT Cobra, fourth place for the 2005 GT, third place for the 2014 GT 500, second place for 2009 GT500 and the absolute winner on the first place is the 2012 GT500.

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