PAUL WALKER’s ORANGE SUPRA With A 2JZE Engine From Fast & Furious Is UP FOR SALE!!! It Will Be Sold For At Least $200.000!

We have always been fascinated by the astonishing vehicles that are used in the sequels of the hit franchise “Fast & Furious” and whenever one of them is up for sale, our eyes get wide opened! Well, today we will remind you of the orange Toyota Supra that was driven by the late star Paul Walker in one of the series in 2001, and yes, this hero car that left a remarkable and iconic scenes behind it, is coming up for auction. 2JZE engine, NOS and lovely bright orange paintwork are just a few of the features that make this car a one of its kind. However, having in mind the fact that Paul Walker (Brian O`Connor) used this monster to shoot the final race car scene with Vin Diesel (Dominic) where the dangerous jump over a railroad crossing occurs, we can conclude that this Toyota Super has an eternal value.

Anyway, this Supra version is a non-turbo one of the Toyota`s classic straight-six and it can produce around 220 bhp. So, if you`re interested in it, get ready for a tough race at the auction days between 12-17 May. The expected sale price is up to $200.000!!! That is a ridiculous amount of money! However, whoever is lucky enough to buy it, we completely understand why he or she would pay $200.000. You will be getting an incredible Toyota Supra with a fascinating orange paintjob, a 2JZE engine and NOS to boost its performance! However, the most important thing you will get in this car is part of Paul Walker`s legacy and for that no price would be high enough.

At last, click on the video below to remind yourself of the epic scene with this Toyota Supra. Moreover, follow this link if you want to get more auction details.