Paul Walker Video Made By A Fan As A Tribute! Our HERO Deserves This!

The latest trailer of our most favorite car movie “Fast and Furious” contains the words “one last job” and this of course has intrigued the public to raise lots of questions about the destiny of the epic franchise. However, no matter how many sequels are going to come out or not, Fast and Furious 7 will definitely be the most emotional and heartbreaking part of these legendary movies for all of us, because of the last appearance of the late actor. Fans decided to make a Paul Walker video tribute in order to show respect!

That is the main reason, why huge fans of the late actor, made a special tribute Paul Walker video which includes all the best scenes from the first six movies with our hero. His passing was hurtful for the whole World, and with this video, the creators just wanted to express their respect and love to all Paul Walker`s fans who cannot still cope with the things that follow. Unfortunately, on 3rd April we will have the opportunity to see the last scenes of Paul Walker in the role of Brian O’Conner and as producers said his character will get retired.

Paul Walker will not only be remembered by his role of Brian O`Connor. He was also a great humanist and charity enthusiast! He has helped many people in his life and never made that public. God knows that and will keep a nice spot in Heaven for him!

However, one thing is sure – we will always remind of the amazing job that Paul Walker did during his career. His positive energy and adventurous and charming personality will never be forgotten. R.I.P. LEGEND! Check out this really touching video and try to hold your tears! Amazing video for an amazing man – Paul Walker Video Tribute!

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