FURIOUS 7 SUPER BOWL – Official Spot! It’s Even Better Than The TRAILER! PUBLISHED ON FEB 1, 2015!

Fast & Furious 7 it is definitely one of the longest waited movies that almost everyone been wanting to see. Unfortunately, Paul Walker is no longer with us, as he passed away half way through filming. Through CGI and the new motion capture technology we`ll be able to see his image on the screen throughout the whole movie! And judging by this Furious 7 Super Bowl spot the 7 instalment will be a great tribute to Paul Walker and his work! The Furious 7 also has a new director at its helm. James Wan, the director behind two noted horror film franchises – Saw and The Conjuring! This is a totally new genre for him but considering his previous success, we don`t doubt his talent at all!

The casting is another reason to be hyped about the Furious 7! Jason Statham is the new addition to the cast of Furious 7 and will play the villain! We don`t know how much screen time he will get though. The other addition to the Furious 7 is the glorious and badass Kurt Russel! There is not a movie in the world that would not benefit from Kurt Russel`s involvement! From the standard casting there is of course Vin Diesel! Vin Diesel, like always, simply screams “badassery” in the Furious 7 Super Bowl spot! You don`t mess with Dom!

Judging by the Furious 7 Super Bowl spot, it will be full of CGI action and car racing! All of you action junkies will get a vast adrenaline rush! For sure, the Furious 7 directed by James Wan will be one hell of a flick!

Do you think Fast & Furious 7 will top the rest? Even if it doesn`t, we are sure it will be more than a decent entertainment for all gearheads!

Enjoy the 2015 Official Super Bowl Spot and share your thoughts with us!