Fastest Import Car – The World Record Holder – 5.773 at 247 mph! EkanooRacing Toyota GT86!

As the automotive world is on the rise, the drag racing world is constantly evolving as well. That new technology enables astounding performance and better spectacles that deserves our attention. And as better spectacles are in store, also new world records are being shattered. There are numerous manufacturers and sport teams that are contributing to the drag racing scene. However, what grasped our attention today is one particular team that we have already written about it in the past. They are the world record holders for a fastest import car with only 5.773 at 247 mph! They are the Bahrain based EkanooRacing team! And guess what? They are testing their monstrous Toyota GT86 in the US right now! And that is not all, after the testing sessions, they are going to compete in several events across the country!

The EkanooRacing team has built some of the greatest vehicles that come from the Middle East! This team has truly managed to achieve what was considered the impossible. Beside the amazing import world record, they hold the record as the fastest Nitrous Pro car! They also even hold the record as the fastest IRS equipped Supra!

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