Wondering What is Going to Happen to PAUL WALKER’s CHARACTER In The Fast & Furious 7?! Here Is The Movie Franchise Producers’ FINAL DECISION!

As 3rd April is coming on the way, we continue to ask ourselves what is going to happen to our favorite character of Paul Walker in the seventh part of the legendary franchise Fast and Furious. After his premature death in 2013, the public started countless rumors on how the movie story will continue. Luckily, this movie franchise made sure to keep Paul Walker`s legacy alive. The final decision of the producers of this cult movie is finally here and this is what they said for the media: “Brian O`Connor won`t have the same destiny as unfortunately Paul Walker had. He will simply get retired and stop racing, in order to focus his attention to his family”. We couldn`t be happier with this decision! This movie franchise is one of our favorites, and it would be a shame to see it stop! We applaud the producers for this decision.

According to our sources, Paul Walker`s brothers were hired to finish some frames where all that settle down with Mia and Brian`s child takes place. Reportedly, there is a high possibility that Caleb and Cody Walker (Paul`s brothers) will continue to appear in the succeeding parts of the franchise, in order for the spirit of Paul Walker to be kept. This way, the most famous character of this movie franchise will still be alive in the upcoming movies. We wouldn`t want it any other way.  Thanks to great movie technology, our biggest fear can be put to rest. Finally, feel free to leave your comments and click on the video below to watch the trailer for Fast and Furious 7! Smash that play button and enjoy the preview of the Fast and Furious 7! Enjoy!

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