MUSCLE VS IMPORT! See The Most EPIC Fast & Furious SCENE Again!

Let`s remind ourselves of one of the best movies ever to be made – THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS! We`re talking about the first installment filmed in 2001, the one where we felt the real bond with Dominic, Letty and the one and only – Brian, played by the late actor Paul Walker who we all loved! We have perhaps the most interesting part of the movie where Brian and Dominic clash in a muscle vs import drag race! We all know their rides, but let`s remind ourselves!

We have Dominic, a well-known street racer and an ex-convict with his American Muscle – 70 Dodge Charger and Brian with the tuned Sports car with NOS installed in it! So let`s start shell we? We`re at the starting line – they`re both prepared! When the traffic light turns green, they`re off! It`s a ¼ mile muscle vs import race and it`s about getting respect on the streets! They`re off, American Muscle leaves the Sports car behind but is easily reached due to the NOS Brian has! As they get closer to the finish line which is a railroad in this case a train arrives!!! What will they hit – the brakes or the gas?! If you have forgotten, find out now!!!

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