Dominic Toretto 1970 Dodge CHARGER in Real Life!

Here we go with one of the most iconic and defining cars of the Fast & Furious franchise, Dominic Toretto 1970 Dodge Charger that we all know very well. The first time we saw it in 2001, in the original movie “The Fast and the Furious“, then it was also an essential part of the 2009`s story and once again we saw it in “Fast 5”. During this journey, the `70 Charger was hit by a big green semi, but it was rebuilt and changed its color from glossy black to flat black.

As I know that you remember it well, Vin explained to Brian that the Dominic Toretto 1970 Dodge Charger was built by him and his dad, a pure Detroit nine second muscle that he actually never dare to drive it. Now let`s get back to the reality. In the first film, the supercharger was simply bolted to the hood (it`s true!), but afterwards, for the purposes of the next two films, Dennis McCarthy (Film Car Coordinator) and his team were hired and they actually made a hole on the hoods of the cars and put a real BDS 8-71 blowers, as well as electronic fuel-injection systems.

Also, the legendary 1970 Dodge Charger is powered by a Chevy small block V8 crate motor that gives an output to a 400 HP (not 900 HP, as it is said in the movie), mated to a 3 speed automatic transmission, with a Winters ratchet shifter. But it really accelerates hard and makes you feel like you are in a space shuttle.

The reason I`m telling you all this, is not because I want to crash the legend behind this awesome car, but to set things straight, because we are dealing with real muscle cars here. Now check out the video and see that legend `in real life`.