1970 Dodge Charger RT From “Fast & Furious” Looks so MEAN!

Remember what Dom said about this car in the scene where he is showing it to Paul Walker for the first time? “It scares me man”. And I think it is only understandable. Because I`m assuming that once you find your self in a car like this, in fact the car that is giving you hard-on from the first moment you saw it in the film and think about all of the possibilities that it gives you, things can get out of hand. Yes, this is the actual 1970 Dodge Charger RT that was used in the final battle scene between Paul Walker and Vin Diesel in the original, that we all remember so well, and later on in the next six movies.

This mean looking car is in a possession of Bob Hartwig, a guy who started as an ordinary classic Mopar muscle cars enthusiast, but thanks to his passion and will to do it, now he owns an entire collection of famous film cars which many of us have seen it in the great number of Hollywood flicks. And the Charger from Fast and Furious is one of best known members of his garage.

So check out the 1970 Dodge Charger RT that we have prepared for you and find out much more about this legendary car and the man who has it.

Anyway, are these your favorite Fast and Furious cars?