SUPRA With A VIPER V10 Engine = VIPRA!!! Check It Out

Changes are good and we respect those who are trying to create something unique and different and therefore to stand out from the crowd. Today we are showing a car that is the perfect example for what we`ve said. We are pretty sure that you are unlikely to have seen something like this anywhere before. It is a question of 1994 Toyota Supra but with an engine from an American muscle car – a Viper! Hence, it got the nickname VIPRA! Flag Nor Fail and Speed Warhouse have teamed up in order to be able to create this monster vehicle! They have put a Dodge Viper V10 engine into this right hand drive auto as well as 118mm Precision Turbo!

As Bill Peron, owner of Speedwarhouse says: “WHY NOT”! He has our full support! In addition, this vehicle has a Gen 5 Viper TR-6060 transmission too and it took part at the TX2K15 event! Furthermore, you have the opportunity to be among the first to see this car performing. By performing we mean making donuts! You are going to be appalled by its raw power and also the sound it makes!

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