DRAG Battle Between TOYOTA SUPRA & Twin Turbo MUSTANG!

Greetings from the sunny Florida and welcome to another exciting drag race! This time we are at the Bradenton Motorsports Park ready for some quality racing! Today we have two proven race cars. On one side there is the Toyota Supra with automatic transmission and single turbo driven by Victor. On the other side there is the “host”, a twin turbo Mustang with 5.0 liter engine and Juic3o behind the wheel! You are probably guessing who is going to win, but wait till the end in order to be 100% sure.

Both drivers are racing for a really attractive amount of money. We are talking about 6600 greenbacks! It is all set and the race is about to begin! First, the vehicles treat us with a nice warm up. The editors of this video came up with a brilliant idea, while we are waiting for the race to begin. They have put a famous scene from one of Kevin Hart`s stand up shows combined with the sound of a ticking clock in the background, making the atmosphere even better! Next thing, the green light is on and we can observe this race from various angles. Tight race!

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