FirePunk Dirt Diesel VS Matt Cummins! CLASH OF THE TITANS!

Ready for another drag race?! This time we have two powerful monster trucks! We have a FIREPUNK DIRT DIESEL and a MATT CUMMINS with 800hp! We talked recently about FirePunk trucks and its emission but we are now here to see its drag performance! The Cummins truck is not an underdog either with its 800hp it certainly seems to be the frontrunner!

It is all set as they cannot wait to start. Engines are running loud as the noise produced by the FirePunk Dirt Diesel and the Matt Cummins makes the crowd go wild, tension is in the air and off they go!!! Who will turn out to be the winner? We are all familiar with the extraordinary performance of Dirt Trucks when it comes to Drag racing, but what about the Cummins? Turns out, Dirt Trucks are yet the best starters leaving everything behind them as they take off! However, the Cummins proves that he is not a joke and doesn`t allow to be treated as an underdog. The drag race finished nicely, and as for you dear Motor heads, go to the video below and be a witness to this clash of the titans!

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