OMG! This Coyote Powered Mustang Perform a WHEELIE in 3rd Gear & WINS!

As you are all very well familiar, all kinds of weird and original moments can be seen and experienced at almost every drag race competitions – cars pulling amazing stunts, most unbelievable crashes, weirdest cars you have ever seen and of course, the things why we all watch drag races, spectacular battles and wins. Thus, the video that we are going to show you in today`s post has many from all those abovementioned attributes, so prepare yourself for one hell of a thrilling drag battle, of course with a powered Mustang!

It is a clip from this year`s NMRA World Finals that was held at Bowing Green, in Kentucky, on which the main protagonist is this black, Coyote Powered Ford Mustang that gives the audience one hell of a performance on the strip. Its driver, Drew Lyons is banging hard in second gear, dumps the clutch and makes such a spectacular wheelie start, and whilst still in the air switches into third and it seems like it is just about to fly away. Yet, not just that everything is alright, but he manages to win the race with a result of 10.481 seconds, at 126.27 mph.

What an insane race and what an amazing powered Mustang! Just watch the video and see it for yourself how does the whole thing look like.