Ultimate Drag Challenge: Tuned Mustang Coyote vs Modified R35 GTR!

I do not know about you guys, but for me, having to choose between these two (even just for the moments of watching the video) would be as if you ask a mother who is her favorite child! I`m not kidding with you! Watching two of my favorite muscle cars in a drag challenge can be also as painful as much as it is a pleasure. Because, what we have here is two icons in the world of muscle cars, the All American legend, Ford Mustang and the Japanese `space shuttle` Skyline R35. So, on the left side there is a 2011 Mustang Coyote, pretty much tuned up. It has the so called Fluid Turbo Concept with a Twin Turbo 6266 with an automatic transmission, painted in red and looking damn pretty.

And on the other side, another legend of every street racing spirit in the world, highly tuned Nissan Skyline R35 GTR with AMS Race front mount that produces over 600 HP, with a manual transmission, in silver metallic hue.

I`m not going to tell you the outcome of this drag race, but will only inform you that the Mustang Coyote was facing some traction problems, which had an influence on the race (as well as the auto transmission, if you ask me).

Now, check out this Coyote engine roaring!

Enjoy the video below!

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