Just Another Santa Pod Drift Day! DONUTS & SMOKE!

Here is a video clip that will come as a proper dose of adrenaline rush and excitement for everyone who loves watching guys with cool sports cars, spending their time practicing their drift-driving skills, doing donuts, and creating clouds of smoke. This cool drifting experience is taking place at the Santa Pod Drift Raceway in Northampton, in the UK, in its drifting areas to be more precise, where a group of merry guys has decided to go there and leave their signature on the asphalt.

I`m pretty sure that you have realized that I`m not talking about some professional drift-drivers, but drifting enthusiasts, who are showcasing their tire-shredding skills. They are equipped with some pretty cool rides, like BMW, Nissan Skyline GTR R33, and one Mazda model, a new set of tires, and the fun can begin.

But as you will see it in the video yourself, they are not finishing their `party zone` hours in the most glorious ways, because one of the cars` engine got on fire, the BMW had its tire exploded…but when you put it all together, they surely were not lacking of having fun at the Santa Pod Drift Raceway.

So, check out the video and have fun watching these guys shredding tires and doing some rubber burnouts. And if you want to find out which are the best drift cars, according to the TopSpeed, go to this link.