One Hell Of a Drifting VW T3 Van on Nurburgring Race Track!

Believe me when I tell you that I`m not joking here when I say that it is one hell of a van, doing some great drifting performance alongside with many other sports cars. As you know very well, it is one thing how the vehicle looks like and completely different how good it can perform on the track, and this one that you are about to see in the video clip bellow, really has no fear of its much fitter opponents! I`m talking about one strange looking model of VW T3 van (or a truck, however you prefer), coming from its native Germany, but obviously with a powerful motor whose owner decided to give it ago on the track, competing in drift-driving against some fine sports cars there. Unfortunately there are no information about what is there under the hood that is giving its power, but in this case, it is not of outmost importance, because just from watching it in action, gives you a lot of fun. But also a respect, do not forget that.

So watch the video of this funny looking VW T3 van performing at the race circuit (or sort of) and tell us what you think about it.

Finally, here are the pros and cons of the VW T3 van!

Enjoy the video below!

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