1993 Toyota Tarago 1500HP Van With Aerodynamic Properties Of A Brick But Still Runs 8s!

What we have here is a real mutated monster of a van, something that you have not seen in a while now. According to its owner Bert, this 1993 Toyota Tarago was in building process for a long time. And after you will watch the video bellow, it will come clear why is that.

So, who says that mean and fast machines cannot be vans?! My God, have you seen this thing?! It flies like crazy and is definitely the van everyone wishes for! The Van has an entire army of components that are actually making it as powerful as it is.

It has a Twin Turbonetics GM LSX V8 engine 454 CI that is producing those astonishing 1 500 + HP, with a GM LSX Iron Block, CP Pistons, Oliver Rods, GM LSX Heads, Hydraulic Roller Camshaft, 75 mm Turbo Chargers 18 psi…It runs on a MoTeC injection on alcohol fuel., with a Methanol Fuel 24 x 1000 cc injectors, 4 x 1600 cc injectors. As you will see, it has a Custom Valve Body and A & B Automotive Powerglide Transmission.

These are most of the features of this frightening 1993 Toyota Tarago Van that makes it hit quarter mile for just about 8.9 seconds at a speed of 155 MPH. Not bad times for a van right? No! These times would be awesome for a Nissan Skyline as far as we are concerned! As a matter of fact, we are sure there are plenty of cars out there with times lower that this one! It really is something, check out the video and get the complete info about this monster. Go 1993 Toyota Tarago supervan, we are here for you!

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