Bagged Mitsubishi Mighty Max Is The Best Body Dropped Truck!

Even though I`m not so crazy about trucks, when I see a babe like this one that you will watch in the video bellow, it really grabs all of my attention and makes me think that it is one of the most aesthetically achieved designs that I have ever seen in a pickup truck of any kind. With a perfectly dropped body, great paintjob and choice of hue, awesome looking wheels, it can really leave a man speechless. Unfortunately, so far we do not have the info about this perfect bagged Mitsubishi Mighty Max.

But we will make sure to find out everything we can about it and provide you with the specs and the info about the team that was working on it. For now, we will all have to `settle` for the following high quality two minute video, which was made by Grinder TV, and I have got to tell you that it will be worth of your time. Perfectly shot from every angle in a home studio, we have an opportunity to admire this great looking and such a cool, bagged Mitsubishi Mighty Max.

Anyway, you could find some pretty cool bagged trucks images here!

Enjoy the video below!

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