I will say by all means that if there ever was a car that could/should be called a car of the future, a futuristic model, or whatever term you prefer most, the BMW Gina concept is most definitely that car. When you have an ultimately designed sports car that is changing its shape, made from a totally unconventional (by any standards) material that bends, and a car that makes the stealth jet look like a thing of the past, then you know that it cannot be anything else but a car from a Sci-Fi movie.

But the BMW Gina concept is very much real, a two-seater roadster, which is more and sort of a company`s statement about its perception of the future, than anything that we should be expecting to see on the roads or in some of the future BMW lineups. It is based on the BMW`s Z8 platform, and it has very stretchable `skin` that is covering the metal wire structure, reinforced with carbon fiber.

The story about its interior is pretty much the same, in other words, completely out of the ordinary, with a steering wheel and instrumentation which are placed at the centre console, and also changes the shape when the drivers starts the car.

As I said previously – completely futuristic car that looks like it has come out from the outer space! Just watch the video and see this ultimate BMW sports car in action, it really is something special! And if you really like it and want to see other futuristic car concepts, click here.