Welcome The COLORFUL EDAG Light Cocoon Concept!

If you remember last year`s Geneva Motor Show, you definitely remember the engineering firm EDAG and their “Genesis Concept”! They are here again this year with another attempt to ILLUMINATE the car construction of the future! When we say to Illuminate – we really mean it! This EDAG Light Cocoon concept considers a waterproof fabric that is being stretched over the 3D-printed frame!

The whole thing is backlit, so we get the impression these guys are trying to make this car looks like it is from “Avatar”! Anyway, the engineers say that the inspiration for the design came of a leaf, thus, the design is actually presenting the structure of a leaf! The guys from EDAG used the minimal material that was required! 3D printing, however, allows us to work by adding the needed material instead of cutting it away! We`ll be back with more from 2015 GENEVA MOTOR SHOW!!!

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