Meet Aleksandar the SURGEON & His MAD MAX MONSTER TRUCK!

In the beginning of this video, you might get the impression that it is about an old locomotive, because of the size and the sound of the horn this Mad Max MONSTER TRUCK has. But luckily that lasts only for a moment. We have to admit, it looks scary and powerful. This huge, black, metal tank truck is definitely awe inspiring when it hits the road. The normal size cars look like midgets when they are passing by. If you take a closer look, you can notice that the driver`s cabin resembles a wolf head. We made this assumption based on the group`s name that created this truck -- “Wolf Engineering”.

In this video below, we can see that not only the Americans modify the trucks, the Russians do it too. However, these guys took something American for example to create their own truck model. They have been inspired by “Mad Max” the movie to create this monster truck. This 18 wheeler was proudly presented at the bike show in the district of Sevastopol, Crimean Peninsula. Now you have the chance to see the Mad Max monster truck too.