Mad Max FURY ROAD OFFICIAL TRAILER 1! Our Bodies Are Full Of ADRENALIN! SEE WHY! Published Dec, 10 2014!

The Mad Max FURY ROAD TRAILER 1 that came out on Dec 10, 2014 looks so awesome and we hope the movie will deliver the same excitement too! Everything in this trailer looks EPIC! From the cars, to the explosions, all the way to the stunts! We have been waiting for this movie for some time now, and seeing the trailer, we must admit that we are not disappointed! The dystopian setting shown in this trailer seems perfect for a wild chase between all kinds of cars, bikes and machines! This Mad Max Fury Road Official Trailer might be only 2 minutes long, but it has shown us more than enough.

The director George Miller has created an unforgettable masterpiece with the Mad Max movie. That film still looks timeless, even nowadays. Mel Gibson will not be returning to reprise his role as Mad Max, but are certain that Tom Hardy will do that job quite well. He showed the world that he can act in his previous works, and we have no doubt that he will shine in this movie once again. On top of that, any movie with Charlize Theron is a movie worth watching! We really can not wait to see the new one if the trailer is any indication. If the Mad Max Fury Road official trailer is a good indicator, then this movie will be one of the best of the year! Who doesn`t love a movie with lots of cars and lots of explosions?!? We know we do! The release date of the movie is in May 2015, and to be honest, we can`t wait for it to come. Many will be rushing to see this movie, and we will be among them.

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