Meet Peterbilt Limo – CUSTOM Show TRUCK! We Have Another GOOD SMOKER! I WANT THIS!

Who said Trucks cannot be fancy?! Of course they can. If you do not believe it, that only means you have never seen the PETERBILT LIMO! This one really has it all – the looks, the style, the performance and the ENGINE! Apart from all that classy paint and all the cool stripes, this one has something special underneath the hood as well!

They won`t tell us what, but if we judge by all the COAL that it rolls, we are probably talking something HUGE, since the smoke that comes out of it is really something! We can safely presume it packs around 2000 HP! However, the video will show you all the look this truck has, and afterwards it will take you for a ride on the highway! That is exactly where you will get impressed! Moreover, let us mention that the truck is all CUSTOM MADE by Jeff Botelho! Jeff Botelho is a guy that is very well known for a number of other awesome custom made trucks! .

However, this MONSTER is not made to be driven on the road, it just happened to make an exception so it could participate at the “American Truckers” Show!And they adopted this Peterbilt Limo for a road performance greatly! We sure are glad its owner decided to participate – since now we have the honor to see the work of this incredibly good looking truck!

This Peterbilt Limo, at first, was designed to compete at the Big Rig Build Off event! Unfortunately, for some reason, it didn`t make it! We are sad by that fact but we are happy that we can see it here – roaming like the beast it is! This Peterbilt Limo is truly a wonder in the automotive world! It should be preserved by law as a cultural heritage!

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