This Blue Dodge Left A Smokey MARK In The Whole Neighborhood!

Our next video is something that is often a topic of discussion among people. While truck lovers usually love the phenomenon called `rollin` coal`, many others argue! You probably know all the arguments people use in order to attack or to defend coal rolling! We are not here to take sides so we will simply present to you a video where a Dodge really does his thing the best! Check out as a fine blue Dodge does a burnout from hell! As he starts his engine and does the first burnout a dark black cloud follows him!

It is really incredible what this blue Dodge is capable of, it is probably pumping diesel out of his exhaust pipe for miles! Too bad the camera lost it due to all the bushes that were in the way, but we are sure this one continued even longer!!! As we already said, others are to discuss the pros and cons of burnouts and rollin` coal, for now, check out the video bellow and be impressed by this extremely huge and powerful engine the Dodge has to offer! Hurry up, it is waiting for you!