We know for sure that there is not one single Gearhead in this World that is not a Classic Cars fan! You must give it up for the “old guys” that made it all happen! When talking old school, we cannot but mention the good old 1960 Cadillac De Ville with all the style and looks it carries around! The footage that is next on your watch list, will represent this fella with a small innovation in it! Not really small, since we are talking about a SUPERCHARGED CUMMINS TURBO DIESEL ENGINE!

Yes, that`s right! This hell of a vehicle, that looks amazing already, has the diesel engine that can make it go wild and let`s not even start talking about the marvelous sound it provides! There is definitely something about this ride that makes it awesome. The scary thing is that we could have never seen this one if it didn`t stop at `Cars and Coffee` as bystanders started taking pictures and shooting videos! Although, this fun “little” toy would be even better if the rusty old body kit got changed. But, that is yet to be seen. For now, check out the footage and we hope this supercharged Cummins will make your day!

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