Riding In a 3D Printed Car @ NAIAS 2015!

Come with us and we`ll take you to Detroit`s North American International Auto Show where you will be able to see and drive an electric 3D printed car! Sounds cool and it is cool. 3D printing has taken a huge swing as they now produce cars!

Take a look at the tiny cute little 3D printed car that came out of the micro-lab in Washington DC. It basically all plastic, although additional parts are being implemented at the very end. It`s very practical, it works on electricity which is great – the batteries are behind the driver so they are not in the way! The windshield is a little low, which makes it a little weird, but then again, this car looks more like a go kart than it looks like an actual car. It looks a little complicated to get in, but we assure you it is comfortable and goes just like a real car! Moreover, it is quiet and does not pollute the air! So what more does mankind need? Unfortunately, in order to purchase this kind of a vehicle, you`ll have to wait 12 to 18 months as they are still making them in DC! Check it out and have fun!

Plus, if you want to see the ride in the first printed car, click here.