Besides being a police officer, a teacher and a fireman – being a truck driver is also one of the kid`s most wanted professions! Almost every kid wishes for a miniature truck to drive around the neighborhood, on the front lawn or the back yard! This particular kid from the video has its own home made mini KENWORTH truck! This American manufacturer would be delighted to see how a young lad designed a mini version of their big Class 8 trucks!

Not many materials were used in order for this truck to be built. Just the very basics such as scrape metal and some used parts that no one else wanted any more. Parts such as horns, some air tanks and modified grill. The side handles were ripped of an old truck from the junkyard! Almost everything was used for this mini Kenworth, from an Allis Chalmers front end to a Cub Cadet lawn mower rear drive axle! A great innovation that made this child from the video very happy! Maybe you would to the same for your kid if you knew how. Just click on the footage below and find out!

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