50 YEARS Of FUN – FORD MUSTANG! See The Mustang Evolution!

Has it really been that long? Half century has passed since the first generation of Ford MUSTANG! American Muscle at its best! It really passed quickly – 1964, thank you for everything! In the last 50 years – the Mustang had it all. It had performance, it had power and it never lacked the fun! Many generations grew up with the sound of the Mustang. The Mustang evolution gave each generation something special -- some had the looks while others had the performance, the powerful engine while some of them had the best comfort!

One is for sure – none lacked quality! And what`s even better, is that the guys from Ford did not stop from improving this outrageous ride! Even now, in 2015 we are expecting new generations to show up and give us the pleasure that their ancestors did! The Ford Mustang is good for comfortable, fast and long rides. It has always been good for racing as well, especially drag races. Click on the video bellow and see what we are talking about. See the Mustang evolution through a simple video which gives the feeling of joy to every Mustang lover! Check it out!

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