1965 Mustang Fastback Ride! Must See! One of The Best Stories!

Jim Smart and Bob Rawlings knew each other from car shows, which usually took place in Temple, Arizona. They shared occasional good conversations. They were involved in a car project including a vintage Burgundy Hi-Po 1965 Mustang Fastback, that made an appearance at the Mustang Monthly in 2009. Bob wrenched while Jim pictured the rebuild and the engine compartment. Bob was a skilled artisan who liked refreshing vintage cars to perfection so they can look good again. Stories


Unfortunately, Bob passed away in December, 2009. He had a heart attack, which was, unfortunately, fatal.

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However, Bob has already invested some ideas about this 1965 Mustang Fastback car, as it would be enjoyable to posses and ride. Bob included original  air conditioning under dash being a way of fighting Arizona`s extreme temperatures in summer. As Bob constructed to match his taste, he was searching for particular Ford jewelry and decorations offered back at 1965 and used them where needed. He gave up the first Top 4 speed Loader, wanting to get aT-5 Five speed Tremec intended for a suitable  combination of economy and performance. The very first Ford axle of nine-inch gets its three. fifty gears, that contributes the fuel saving on the road and the great mixture of wide open throttle fun.

When Bob opened the hood, the adrenaline stroke was awesome. The compartment where the engine was tucked in looked like a division from 50 years before with several additions which trigger the senses. We didn`t expect to see a air Tecumseh conditioning compressor in cast iron pinned at the V-8 289, yet it must have happened at dealers of Ford over the state. Ford`s induction tri power system as well as Bob`s details makes us restless. He didn`t miss details like hardware and hose clamps which positioned at their right place. Take a look at the hot PCV hose idle compensator.

Many people do not pay attention at those annoying panel kick screws. That is not the case with Bob. We admire Rally-Pac at its peak with its cool chrome outlook. The luxuirious wood grain steering wheel gives an emphasis to the beautiful Palomino vinyl.

Rawling`s story is surely on a cool 1965 Mustang Fastback that looks and performs like hell. Nevertheless, it is as well a call for others, that he has done with great generosity. Bob did not only redoes original Mustangs; the man left a legacy for other car freakson the best way of doing theirs. Bob Rawlings and his everlasting hotrods enthusiasm shall be forever missed.