The First Ford Mustang Ever Sold Still Owned By The Same Owner!

Wise Gail did not sense that she was driving the First Ford Mustang, though she was aware that riding a brand new baby in April is a call for a mass. Gail Wise has always had a wish to own a muscle car of her own. While she was becoming of age, he had the opportunity of growing up with her family`s 1957 and 1949 Fords. So, shortly after she finished high school she made a decision to buy herself an incredible, stunning convertible.

On April the fifteenth, way back in 1964, she went to a Johnson`s Ford shop located in Chicago but unluckily nothing caught her eye. Discouraged, she wanted to leave when a certain fellow present her with the amazing a Mustang Ford, Skylight blue an incredible model from 1965. The car value was 3.447.50 pounds. Even though her salary was 5,000 pounds, she made a decision to purchase the First Ford Mustang Skylight Blue baby.


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She looked at her car as an awesome partner with a Cruise O Matic trans manual, a convertible roof, power steering, Pac Rally gauges, a V8 engine, an AM radio and so on. Gail liked to be noticed and she sure was for quite a time. Everybody was gawking at her whenever she drove.

Gail, herself did not quite get the fact that she drove around town in such an iconic car.

The first Mustang sold in America raised quite a question for a certain time. Gail had all the documents to prove all the mean voices wrong. As time went by, Gail wonders even more what is to happen to this baby.

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