BEST EVER RC Ford Mustang 1967! TOP Speed Of 48km/h! ANYONE?

Your KIDS Will Like This: BEST EVER RC Ford Mustang! TOP Speed Of 48km/h! I really felt in love in this little beast! I want one and I would have chosen a less offensive wheel though!

When imagining a Remote Control Car, what is the first thing you think of? Probably a kid, holding a huge remote control and steers a monster truck or something! We were right, weren`t we?! Well, this one is kind of different. This RC car actually goes faster than some normal cars. With a maximum speed of 30 miles per hour, this one definitely does not present a kid`s toy! When you think about it, probably every adult in this World would want one! Wait until you hear the model – 1967 FORD MUSTANG V100S! IT would be great owning it, right?!

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