Homemade V8 Solenoid Engine Made From Scrap Metal, Wood, Odds & Ends! COOL PROJECT!

A true artist is what we have here Ladies and Gentlemen, a true artist! We have a homemade Solenoid V8 motor made out of simple materials such as scrap metal, wood, odds, ends, bits and some bobs. Delightfully done while reaching its` purpose, it is showing us the process of switching large electric current all the way to the starter motor! As the creator puts it, the purpose of this homemade V8 solenoid engine is to give people insight on how an engine works! We were really impressed by the craftsmanship of this small solenoid engine. This is why we decided to share this video with everyone here, so you can enjoy as well. As all car fans know, a Solenoid engine needs sufficient power from the battery in order to start the engine. Hence, this motor is only here to show us the resemblance of combustion engine.

Its main purpose is not to convert energy – electric current to kinetic for example, although you might notice and state that a huge amount of reciprocating mass is turning out to be inefficient. However, all should marvel. It is more likely that no one even considered this possible. It also produces a lot of power as well as torque for a solenoid engine! Furthermore, this homemade V8 solenoid engine weighs only 8.8lbs and has a max RPM of 1,000. It would be perfect for an RC car or truck! However, like we mentioned previously, this miniature model motor is made to show how an engine works. As we stay amazed by the work of this artist, we would advise you to do the same. Every engine fan, appreciates a good work like this. So see for yourself, as we guarantee you will not regret it!

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