RUSSIA Witness A Huge STAR MOTOR Start-Up & Run!

Today it is a rarity to witness a small show where the main star is an engine and the whole performance is its start and run. However, Russian people still cherish this kind of traditions, especially when the main part of the event represents the functionality of one great radial star motor.

That is in short the story of this video, where you are about to see the magnificent work that can be done only by this gorgeous piece of Russian aviation technology. According to us, this star motor looks like a Wright 21820. Typically, the Russians think very hard about making machinery that is easier to produce, works in bad weather conditions and can be also easily repaired.

Regarding the video, we must reply to the comments and mention that there is no reason to make a fuss about the cooling of this engine. Within this short time it does not even reach operating temperature and the cold oil, fuel and the large heat inks are properly cooling the system.

That is why you should freely enjoy the divine sound that this engine can produce and 1:47 is the time when the magic starts.

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