Home-Made FIREWOOD Processor, Powered By Detroit Diesel!

When one has a high level of IQ and the will and determination for doing something, or solving a certain problem, anything is possible, and I`m sure that we can all agree on that. I`m saying it because today we are going to show you something so cool, both the way it looks, and even more with what it can do. It is a pure example that when one starts thinking out of the box, usually the final product is something really great. We have seen that type of result when it comes to making a custom made vehicle, or in a creation of some other great machine that it can solve many of our problems. It is a Firewood Processor, an intelligent machine which is powered by 453 Detroit Diesel, with four cylinders that can generate 105 HP.

It is equipped with 35 inch saw blade, which has three second split cycle and an eight way wedge. In other words, it does almost the entire job by itself, or at least the hardest part. Check out the video and see what I`m talking about.