Great Peterbilt, Diesel Truck Racing With Some Serious Burnouts!

What we have here is another big and powerful Great Peterbilt Diesel Truck Racing making some serious rubber burnouts at Canada`s Race City at Calgary, in the summer of 2009. If you really like watching these huge and mighty machines making attractive drifts, spinning in circles, doing a total destruction of the tires, than the video that you are about to see is the perfect thing for you.

Behind the wheels of this wild Peterbilt Diesel truck we have Peter Van Dyke, during the Big Rig Stock Racing Truck at Calgary, Canada, saying a good bye to the audience by making some serious and full with smoke rubber burnouts, along with some short drifts.

It does not matter whether your deep into truck racing and drifting or not, if you love those things being done with a race car or a bike, than you can not be indifferent watching a mean looking truck like this doing the same thing. I myself am really enjoying it, hope you will too, even though, as the video explanation says, this is not even a half of the whole show Van Dyke had done and yet, it is really inspiring.

For all the fans who like Diesel Truck Racing, this is one of the best links, have fun!

Enjoy the video below!

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