EPIC Truck Burnout in QUÉBEC, CANADA! Have To See This!

If you thought that Americans are the only ones who are Semi Trucks making some serious damage with the tires, than you were completely wrong! Therefore we have come up with this video from a Truck Burnout contest in Canada, in which you will see high quality performances from all of these contestants that are taking part in this show.

The trucks are going solo and double, creating a huge smoke set that will obscure the entire area. And as you will se for yourself, even though it is happening in Canada – and most of the contestants are Canadians – these mega trucks are mainly (if not all of them) from a US production.

Just pay attention to the guy named Sylvain Noël and his short drift performance. I wonder how would he act in a muscle car?

However, check out the fastest truck so far!

Enjoy the video below!

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