Rare 1969 Dodge Super Bee Owned By Don and Mary Lee Fezell!

The mid size 1969 Dodge Super Bee comes in various forms, varying from drop tops, four doors and wagons. All these designs were produced between the span of 1965 and 1976. However, in 1969 a very special Super Bee powered by Hemi was designed for one even more special owner.


This Super Bee was costly enough, so many of the enthusiasts who were craving power, had to give all the decorations and additions up. The Bee is painted in Red R6, a J-Code motor as well as an incredible hardtop.

The Bee was also featured a white top, interior painted in red and a scat stripe painted white, stylish enough to outrun some more appreciated R/T versions.  Don Fezell brough the Bee to a level of automotive perfection, so the professionals who witnessed this car`s debut, were certain that it has been the single car with red gut and paint with Hemi white top, created during the course of that year.

Don is widely famous for its collection of very memorable race and drag cars as well as for his participation in many car races.  This car is a very special one to him, despite the many big blocks and street Hemies he possesses.

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Enjoy the video below!


Straight forward all the restoration went, having the suspension parts swapped  with the right replacements or with NOS elements. What is left is the huge spring packs at the rear end as well as the welded in boxes of torque.

The factory made 426 Hemi engine and driveline that were in their original state was what caught Don`s attention in the first place.  The Bee was subjected to a full-time restoration process, so it would look like it just came out of the factory assembly line. This car was also dressed up and restored in Dubois, at Don`s shop, the place where he restores all his other street cars. Don fancies very much this very B-Body design, and he still has the `69 SS/GA 1969 Dodge Super Bee with its 440 engine in which he was competing somewhere during the `69. R&R Machine Shop did all the machine work on the Hemi.