1966 Dodge Charger – Modern – RMS Chassis With Engle-Era!

Is it possible to make a pretty unique 1966 Dodge Charger more cooler than it already is? But keep in mind, that you mustn`t spoil its beauty, nor twist its character that makes it so special.

1966-dodge-charger-front-in-motion (1)

The 1966 Dodge Charger, kept the sheetmetal, the insides with four seats, some awesome hardware as well as rotating headlights.

About ten years ago, the Charger was discovered in its original shape by Bills Stacy.  As her husband says the cars was almost rust-free. The paint on the hood was redone, with some different color.

Unaltered, but having some simple flaw in the forty years old body. They thought the car was good, a piece of what is called the usual product of Chrysler somewhere in-between the sixties.  These were the words of Ryan from Korek designs` team. He also remembers that the car has been in good shape. Its hood wasn`t completely wrecked, but in need of some additional work. Later on, the body was stripped as the boys that repair it, discovered  a bandage of the framerail.

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Enjoy the PHOTO gallery below!

1966-dodge-charger-rear-view ffff

The framerail was replaced and some new cool suspension hardware. A high-tech 6.1L  Hemi was installed, along with some other components made by Reilly Motorsports, hardware and an overdrive automatic. All these pieces fell into place perfectly.

The interior kept its original stock look, though some changes were made. For example the seats has been covered in suede leather, but the console and the original bucket seats were kept. A brand new powertrain was also fitted along with some exquisite floor shift console and gauges. The car was painted in Silver and Charcoal original just after the whole body was smoother. The painting was performed by Korek design`s team. The guys were also on top of the maroon pinstriping. That way the two colors looked even more magnificent.