EKanooRacing 69 Camaro SS – 1/8 E.T & World Speed Record!

EKanooRacing ProNos ‘69 Chevy Camaro SS , nitrous-injected Pat Musi 903 cubic inches, Sets A New 1/8 E.T and World Speed Record at the Arabian Drag Racing League , Round 4 Running 3.701 at 202.8 MPH! This thing has a MoTec engine management system and it is the best number from any door car!

This is literally Speedy Gonzales among the cars! It is hard to believe that somebody is going to break this world record any time soon. That hero will have to drive a rocket! Bravo for the EKanoo Racing team! It won`t do any harm if we mention the incredible numbers one more time. So this mad automobile passed the length of 0.125 miles (or just 200 meters) for an ASTONISHING time frame of less than FOUR seconds ladies and gentlemen. Jeez! At one moment the car is in front of the camera, and it is in the distance 3 seconds later! That`s what we call IMPRESSIVE PERFORMANCE. Well done!

Finally, one of the best websites for speed records! Check it out on this link!

Enjoy the video below!

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