EKanoo Racing Set A New World Record! You Must See Their Nissan GTR R35 In Action!!!

Few cars throughout history have earned so much recognition as the Nissan GT-R. Being the successor of the legendary Skyline GT-R, this beast was meant to achieve great things. This is why you have to check out this amazing video where it meets its expectations! EKanoo Racing decided to use the Nissan GT-R R35 to set a world record! This insanely powerful car managed to get to 204 miles per hour in 7.265 seconds! That is ridiculous! Their Nissan GT-R R35 was going so fast, it needed parachutes in the back to make it stop!

EKanoo Racing did an excellent job and luckily for us, they have a video of their achievement! There are not many cars that are capable of going that fast in such a little time, but we know now that the Nissan GT-R R35 is one of those beasts! This video makes you want to buy one, doesn`t it?!? Nonetheless, this is something you absolutely have to see to believe!

Just hearing the sound of the engine is sure to give you chills! Not only that, this vehicle`s start is just as good! We would love to see more of this beauty, definitely! When you need chutes to slow down your car, you know that you are driving something special! We applaud EKanoo Racing for this amazing video and congratulate them on the world record! They did an excellent job.

We cannot know how long this record will stay, but we would certainly love to see someone trying to break it! It will be tough though, because going 204 mph in just over 7 seconds is no joke! Nevertheless, we leave you with the video, so you can see the magic with your own eyes! Sit back, relax and enjoy this astonishing footage!

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