Have you ever imagined yourself doing a complicated and detailed paint job on your tire rims by just putting them in water? If you think now that I am talking about a futuristic paint job concept, then you are wrong, because this water transfer printing method has already been done, and we have a pretty good video to prove that. The so-called Hydrographics has become the most popular art mechanism for applying already printed material to 3D surfaces like the most difficult one for painting – the rims. And here is how everything works.

Before entering the water, the tires should be pre-treated which means that a base coat material should be applied to them. Afterwards, a polyvinyl alcohol film is being gravure-printed with the desired graphic that you want to transfer on your rims and when you put the graphic in water, it comes up to the surface. The next step is to spray the film with an activator chemical in order to break it down into a liquid. Then the piece should be put gently into the water where magically the ink layer attaches to it. Actually, the magic stands behind the chemical activator which softens the base coat layer of the rims and lets on the ink to create a bond with it. But, be careful! The most common mistake during this water transfer printing method is not applying enough of the activator.

To see this magic in action, click on the video below, and if you want to see one epic paint job fail done on a Challenger, follow this link.