Business owners, especially those involved in construction business, choose Michelin tires for their purposes. When owning a huge business, especially a construction one, you want quality! And if history has not tricked us, Michelin has proven that it can have our trust! Construction sites have seen it all! Tired workers, old fork lifters, but the thing they have never seen are BAD Michelin tires! However, so far we had only two types of tires: The Bias Pneumatic and the Solid! But have you ever heard about the Michelin TWEEL TIRES? It`s like the perfect combination of both! Their motto is: No Maintenance, No Compromise and No Downtime!

The Michelin Company decided to do a test among these three in order to prove the awesomeness and power of the TWEEL! They will use three excavators, each of them using different tires: The Bias pneumatic, the Solid and the Tweel! In every test run, they all carry the same amount of cargo and the same speed and bucket height settings! Each run shows how the Michelin TWEEL tires have no competition! The excavator with the Michelin TWEEL tires, goes over every obstacle without any problems, and the cargo it carries never falls out of the bucket! This is truly amazing as it seems like there is no such thing that could stop these tires! We cannot say the same for the other two. You will see all the trouble they have as they go over the tricky surfaces! Rocks fall, they vibrate! However, it would be nice if you saw the test yourself, it`s fun if nothing else! But we hope that it will help you in your tires looking period! This will ease your decision for good!

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